5 Budget Travel Tips You Can Use Anywhere

Many people are under the impression that budget travel is something reserved for developing countries. Few realize that there are a number of budget travel practices that you can implement in destinations that are typically expensive, such as North America and Western Europe. This article will point out a few tactics that you can employ anywhere to save a bit of money on your travels.

Travel in the off-season if possible

Almost every travel destination has a high and a low season. In Europe, for example, the winter - outside of the busy holiday time around Christmas and New Year's - sees far less visitors than the summer. This means that prices are generally reduced for things like accommodation and you can often find great deals. What's more, you won't have to battle with crowds at this time of year when you visit museums and other attractions.

Enjoy free public spaces

Almost every city in the world has a park or two. In addition to being a free place to relax, parks are a great way to take in local culture. You will typically see a wide range of society spending time in parks - families, couples, the young and the old - and there are often sports and different activities to observe even if you don't want to participate yourself.

Have a picnic

Speaking of parks, a great way to save money on food costs is to make a picnic for yourself. Supermarket prices will beat out those of any restaurant and it's easy to assemble a collection of bread, cheese, fruit and whatever else you have a taste for at the time. The result is that you get a cheap meal while also enjoying the wonderful people-watching opportunities provided by the park.

Take a walk and get lost

Many people assume that you have to visit museums and historical sites to experience a city, but they may be missing out on one of the easiest ways to get to know a destination. Simply walking around, getting lost, talking to locals, and exploring without an agenda is a great way to get to know a city while also not spending any money.

Seek local recommendations

The most expensive places are always those that cater specifically to tourists. Often, these places are conveniently located and they may employ someone just to try to lure in unsuspecting customers. It can be hard to resist. Instead of falling for these places, however, ask for local recommendations. Locals know their city and they can recommend places that are both affordable and high in quality. Take advantage of this knowledge and don't be afraid to ask a local randomly - they will likely be happy that you have sought their opinion.

It may be harder to budget travel in some locations than others, but it's not impossible. You just have to be more mindful of your travel habits and take some steps, like the ones listed above, to get the most out of your spending money.