Budget Travel - Help Yourself & The Economy

"The Air Transport Association said carriers expect to fly about 202 million passengers between June 1 and August 1, with international travel expected to strongly outpace (7% increase) domestic flying (0% increase)." Overall this is positive news, with the state of the economy any increase and no decrease in air travel is a good sign! So my thought is, let's all help to further improve these statistics and the economy by taking a trip this summer! Surely we all could use it! If your mental health is as bad as mine due to all this fiscal deterioration, it is imperative we get away from this madness for even just a little while!

I am not saying we should break the bank; we need to be smart, investigate every avenue and find the best most affordable options available! You would be amazed at the number of free things to do out there if you just do a little research. To begin, simply type into your favorite search engine "free in.... plus the name of the city you are traveling to" and voila you have a host of options...all for free! There are also a number of great resources available for traveling on a budget including:

* Resource Traveler's - The Contrarian Traveler: Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune
* Budget Travel Online
* Euro Cheapo
* Darn Good Digs
* About.com - Budget Travel Section

These are just a sampling of the many treasure chests of information to explore! It is time to shake off this bad economy and the blues by planning a trip! I think Anatole France said it best "Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe." Come on, begin your planning today.....happy trails from Irv's Luggage!