Family Budget Travel - 3 Simple Tips For Getting the Best Vacation Out of Your Small Budget

Family budget travel is quite similar to budget traveling for solo travelers or for couples. You need to follow a few simple yet important planning tips and techniques to find the greatest vacation deals. A few of these tips are planning for the optimal time of year when you will go, type of vacation such as cruising, and simply asking for freebies. Let's get started:

1. If your family can travel during off-season, do it! You will save a ton of money on airfare and hotel expenses, plus you won't have to deal with all the tourist crowds. There's a travel term known as "Shoulder Season." This refers to the season right after peak season but before low season. Many travel professionals consider Shoulder Season as one of the best times to travel because you will still get the great weather but miss the crowds, plus your vacation is likely to cost much less. Some examples of Shoulder Season deals are vacationing in Hawaii or Cape Cod in September, cruising in the Mediterranean in May, or traveling to the Mexico Riviera in April.

2. Consider the type of travel that you want to take. Many families take advantage of the all-inclusive deals that major cruise lines offer. It makes sense since it is the incidentals that really add up when traveling with children. An all-inclusive cruise may seem higher initially but factor in the food, transportation, and family entertainment and you may end up getting much more bang for your buck.

3. You won't know until you's as simple as that. If you are booking your hotel room, ask if you can get an upgrade. The hotels want your business and if they can accommodate your request with little to no cost to them, they will do it for you. As a family, we asked to be upgraded to a concierge level room at the Disneyland resort and this was a big hit with all of us. Concierge level had it's own lounge with snacks, drinks, and an entertainment area so we took full advantage of this perk and it made our vacation quite memorable.

I hope this shows you that family budget travel is entirely possible. Given the right knowledge and resources, you can plan a wonderful vacation for your family while keeping within your budget.