Is Any Budget Travel Guide Worth Having?

There are several budget travel guides for sale on the internet that claim to show how you can save much if not all of your air fare whenever you decide to fly from A to B. There are also deals to be found for hotel accommodation, cruises, car rental, train journeys, safaris - almost any kind of travel you might be planning.

Some experienced travelers seem to get quite angry about these budget guides. Why should we pay for something when it is already freely available on the internet? It's a waste of money! Why would any person with any shred of integrity be seen anywhere within 500 miles of these dreadful salespeople? Only idiots would be sucked in by these sorts of claims! Blah, blah, blah.

Well, I research and sell data and information to people who specifically want to buy it. So do travel agents, incidentally, who seem to avoid the disgust of the 'seasoned' travelers. Many people are engaged in the information industry, one way or another, and provide news, advice, guidance and information that we all like or need to access from time to time.

I think the real problem lies in the minds of those 'experienced' travelers. Having travelled extensively myself, often in obscure parts of the world, I know that you must learn to work directly with foreign airlines and uncooperative hotel receptionists, always prepared to alter any plan instantly to fit in with a new business schedule. And then change it again. Being able to do all this is what can make seasoned travellers feel superior to 'ordinary' people.

It is NOT easy to find all the necessary information when planning for travel without the help of an experienced agent. It is NOT easy to find quickly. And many experienced travelers find shortcuts and other ways of making their particular requirements easier to achieve without spending all their time on the phone or internet. So I think it is quite acceptable to sell this knowledge and information to those people who are not inclined to dig it out for themselves.

So, on one level, that is what many of these travel guides manage to do. They show you the 'inside track' to getting easier, cheaper and more comfortable travel arrangements. This saves you time and money and ensures that you find the best way to go, often in a higher class or grade than you might have thought possible.

However, there is also the matter of the many perks and freebies available to travel agents. Wouldn't it be great to have a slice of these as well as all the planning knowledge? A good budget travel guide will tell you the secrets of the travel trade, so that you can benefit from all those wonderful freebies.

The cost of these information products is usually well under $50, and I do believe that they are generally worth it. The ones I recommend also have proper guarantees that will refund your money in full without question if you are not satisfied - a risk-free investment. If nothing else these guides are most entertaining to read and are full of ideas for getting a better travel deal.

If you would like more information about my favorite budget travel guide, which I feel offers tremendous value for money, please visit our website. I strongly suggest you give it a try - you can always get your money back. But I think you will prefer to keep it, because it is a mine of useful advice, tips and information for the demanding traveler.

Bon voyage!